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Cancer therapy


Wasting syndrome – a deadly cancer side-effect – might be diagnosed and treated early on, according to a new study

Double treatment kills cancer cells

New Weizmann Institute of Science research provides hope for cancer patients 

Top (l-r) Dr. Smadar Eventov-Friedman, Oren Milstein, Dr. Benjamin Dekel, Dr. Elias Shezen, Dr. Helena Katchman, David Steiner, Dr. Rinat Goren. Middle (l-r): Prof. Yair Reisner, Anna Aronovich, Dr. Gil Hecht, Doreen Rosenberg, Dr. Shraga Aviner, Dr. Esther Bachar-Lustig. Bottom (l-r): Dr. Shlomit Reich-Zeliger, Lior Zangi, Dalit Tchorsh, Noga Bronitsky

Prof. Yair Reisner of the Weizmann Institute’s Immunology Department developed a method for successfully transplanting stem cells from the bone...