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Dr. Lorne Levinson

Building new instruments, from Weizmann labs to CERN

Illustration depicting particle collisions

The long and complicated journey to detect the Higgs boson, which started with one small step about 25 years ago, might finally have reached its...

Results of a collision that could represent a Higgs boson from the ATLAS experiment

Weizmann scientists are hoping to see more conclusive signs of the Higgs boson later this year.

Results of a collision that could represent a Higgs boson from the ATLAS experiment

Extra events in the probable mass range of the Higgs boson provide first hints for its possible existence.

The God Particle

Because of the Higgs particle’s important role in this theory, Nobel laureate Leon Lederman bestowed it with the pretentious...

Weizmann Institute and Cambridge University Tie for First Place in Physics Competition
Over 2,000 physicists from about 50 countries are preparing for an experiment that will take place in CERN (on the...
Weizmann's Particle Detectors Used In International Collider Project

Weizmann Institute Particle Detectors Used To Explore Primordial Matter In International Collider Project


Science's leading lights at the Institute, Celebrating 50

Leading research institute heads join in the Jubilee celebrations at the Institute

Getting a Bang Out of the Experiment
Steven Spielberg, move over. An international team of physicists is recreating a world that existed...
Moon Tug on Giant Accelerator Detected

A overlooked design flaw in the LEP accelerator's particle detectors has been corrected