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Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

Dr. Danny Kandel

Dr. Danny Kandel, Senior Director of Advanced Development for KLA-Tencor, Israel, develops ultra-precise measurement systems

Prof. David Harel
Prof. David Harel studied ways to program computer systems based on the use of visual structures....
CodeGuru Xtreme. (l-r) Dr. Zvi Paltiel, Dr. Yossi Elran and the winning team. Programmed to succeed

Young programmers vie in computer "Survivor" contest

Behind the Screens
"Jeliot 3" helps students understand how a computer program works
State of the Chart

Prof. David Harel, the new Dean of Mathematical Sciences, earned his Ph.D. from MIT in under two years

The Weizac Days

When Gerald Estrin arrived at the Weizmann Institute in the late 1940s, he learned he was expected to direct the building of...