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Computer Science and Applied Mathematics

If, for example, the springy part forms a shelf in a rectangular container and the particle can “choose” to go either under or over the shelf, the transfer of energy becomes very efficient

New insight into the mathematics of fast- and slow-moving bodies

David Harel and Michal Gordon_trailer still

A new Israeli MOOC is a fun way of learning about programming and how it connects to our lives

In large datasets, using the right algorithm is crucial

Mathematical proofs help explain why some computer algorithms are better than others for large data streams 

(l-r) Prof. Ido Amit and Prof. Amos Tanay

Weizmann Institute scientists have been chosen to participate in the international project to map every cell in the human body

gut bacteria

The largest study of its kind supports the need for personalized dietary recommendations

Visualization of art dynamics

Dr. Billie Sandak uses a computer language developed at the Weizmann Institute to standardize the therapy process

comparing rice only to normal diet

The reproduction rates of the bacteria in one's gut may be a good indicator of health or disease