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Dark matter

Observation of Excess Events in the XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment

Are they a sign of an infinitesimal impurity or a need to rewrite the physics books?

double electron capture

Detector searching for dark matter produces a startling discovery 

Inside the XENON1tT water shield

Weizmann researchers participate in the most sensitive search for dark matter to date

Xenon experiment

Weizmann scientists participate in search for elusive particles

Prof. Eli Waxman

What is the number of the positrons in the galaxy?

(l-r) Ofer Vitells, and Profs. Amos Breskin, Eilam Gross and Ehud Duchovni. Waiting for dark matter

A search for possible dark matter candidates has narrowed the possibilities. 

 WIMP detection principle in the XENON100 experiment
Weizmann Institute scientists participate in the most sensitive search yet for dark matter candidates called WIMPs.
W particle produced in a collision in the ATLAS experiment, triggered by Weizmann-made detectors (red lines). Image: the ATLAS Experiment at CERN
The hunt is on for solving the riddle of the source of mass in the Universe
Prof. Shaul Hanany. The end of the world as we know it

Scientists more or less agree on how the Universe began. But how will it end?

Bureau Of Missing Masses
One of the most intriguing mysteries of astrophysics is the so-called "missing mass" problem: the mass of heavenly...