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Elisha Moses

Inhibitory mouse neurons – viewed under a microscope

A study of lab-grown neurons reveals a new regulatory mechanism for keeping the On-Off switches in our brain in balance

(l-r) Prof. Elisha Moses, Prof. Menahem Segal and Dr. Yaron Penn

Neurons may synchronize their oscillations to produce signals

ouroboros love

A study of linkages between words in the dictionary reveals something about the basic structure of language

Barcoded ant in the lab of Dr. Ofer Feinerman
Dr. Ofer Feinerman applies physics to understanding the collective behavior of ants
(l-r) Dr. Assaf Rotem and Prof. Elisha Moses. Smart nerve network
Circuits grown from living nerve cells could become an interface between human brains and artificial systems
Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Weizmann Institute Scientists Create Working Artificial Nerve Networks
(l-r) Dr. Enrique Alvarez Lacalle and Prof. Elisha Moses.

A physicist's mathematical model might help tell us what makes good reading, and how to communicate effectively...

Getting the Message Across
A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has identified some basic principles of communication...
Wet Scans

Encapsulating delicate biological samples in a special polymer enables them to be seen under an electron microscope in their natural state

Wet Scans

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) has been a basic research tool for fifty years, and for those fifty years, scientists...