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Tree roots recruit beneficial bacteria during drought. Fluorescence and bright-field imaging reveals that during drought (left) a tree root is more densely colonized by two beneficial bacteria (green and red) than after irrigation (right)

A new study at the Weizmann Institute of Science reveals that bacteria can help trees survive water scarcity

Orenia fungi

Underground fungal networks transfer carbon between neighboring trees, even of different species

Grove of trees

Dr. Rafat Qubaja's work on campus trees shows even small groves can help mitigate climate change

Illustration: Trees in Africa

Planting trees in some surprising places could increase rainfall and lower atmospheric carbon

Tamir Klein tree group

Between his lab, the greenhouses and nearby forests, Klein hopes to understand how trees adapt 

 Cooling forests can heat too

Weizmann Institute scientists show that in one kind of forest, its ‘energy budget’ includes significant reserves of...