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Alliin and Alliinase mechanizm: When Alliin encounters the Alliinase, the resulting reaction turns the normally inert alliin molecules into lethal allicin molecules, which penetrate and kill the tumor cells. Due to the precise delivery system, neighboring, healthy cells remain intact.
A new method selectively kills cancer cells, leaves healthy ones intact...
Prof. David Mirelman and his research team. Antisense
"Silenced" amoebas could lead to a vaccine against their aggressive brethren
Therapeutic Effects of Garlic Clarified by Weizmann Institute Research
REHOVOT, Israel - October 14, 1997 - Garlic is believed to work wonders, from fighting disease to keeping away vampires. Now two...
 The Smell of Success

The smelly compound in garlic fights infection. Institute scientists have not only shown how it works, they've synthesized it...