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Guy Shakhar

Cancerous tumor tissue under a microscope:

Oxygen starvation could toughen up immune T cells for cancer immunotherapy 

Live two-photon microscopy of the small intestine

How does the immune system in the gut distinguish between helpful microbes and those that wish us harm?



A Question of Upbringing

“Bad education” may be at least partly responsible for chronic digestive tract disease

Bit.flow | Julius Popp. Installation, 2004-2008
Millions of immune cells are on the move in our bodies, passing on information about possible threats along the way
(l-r) Top: Julia Farache, Dr. Tali Feferman, Dr. Guy Shakhar and Ira Gurevich. Bottom: Orna Tal and Idan Milo. Intercepting a sneak attack
New sophisticated microscopy techniques enable Dr. Guy Shakhar to get to the bottom of immune system activity