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Immune cells

Image of an embryo overlaid withan immunofluorescent image of the decidua (purple). Dendritic cells are in green and blood vessels in red
Immune system scouts take on a surprising role
(l-r) Top: Julia Farache, Dr. Tali Feferman, Dr. Guy Shakhar and Ira Gurevich. Bottom: Orna Tal and Idan Milo. Intercepting a sneak attack
New sophisticated microscopy techniques enable Dr. Guy Shakhar to get to the bottom of immune system activity
Dr. Nir Friedman.

A new method for reporting on cells’ activities may help scientists to crack their code

Dr. Jonathan Kipnis and Prof. Michal Schwartz. The immune connection

A new study shows that a healthy immune system is key to a healthy brain

Idit Shachar.

Young immune cells may show the way to new autoimmune therapies

Prof. Jacob Anglister.

Atomic-level NMR studies are helping reveal how HIV infects immune cells