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Ion trap

Prof. Daniel Zajfman in Heidelberg

A new “cold-storage” ring first proposed by Prof. Daniel Zajfman yields its first results – and they were not what scientists had thought ...

The ions in the center of the cluster are cooled to the lowest temperatures, and can then be further accelerated in the ion beam trap

An original method of cooling ions could have new and interesting uses

two vacuum chambers and the ultracold results

Heating up: One ion and thousands of atoms, all at a millionth of a degree above absolute zero 

Ion trap in the lab of Dr. Roee Ozeri

Institute scientists built an amplifier comprised of a single ion that breaks all records for measuring magnetic vibrations

Ion trap in the lab of Dr. Roee Ozeri

Weizmann Institute scientists set a new record for measuring magnetic vibrations using the spin of a single atom: 100 times more accurate than the...

Prof. Daniel Zajfman
This research will help us to understand the underlying structure of matter and the creation of...