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Jonathan Gressel

Prof. Jonathan Gressel
Prof. Jonathan Gressel developed herbicide resistance methods for battling parasitic weeds such as witchweeds and broomrapes...
Illustration: genetically engineered plants became resistant to disease
Research conducted at the Weizmann Institute helps protect the planet’s plant life from potentially detrimental changes in...
Kenyan farmer in an experimental corn field

A parasite-fighting technique triples corn harvests on experimental plots

Kenyan farmer with corn plant stunted by Striga (witchweed) in foreground and corn with seed coating technology to the right and in the background.

Corn harvests on experimental plots and in farmers’ fields in four East and Southern African countries have yielded striking results in long-term...

Corn Yield Tripled in Kenya

World media report: Herbicide resistant corn helps African farmers beat a deadly parasite

Corn Yields in Kenya Triple Thanks to New Weed-Fighting Strategy
REHOVOT, Israel -- April 17, 1996 -- Corn yields on experimental plots in Kenya have tripled thanks to an innovative weed-fighting...