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Gene Therapy Firm Enters Collaboration Agreement with Weizmann Lab

Nir Kampf

To move a heavy statue, try a little water

The sound of a violin arises from a type of friction known as "stick-slip"
What do the sounds of a creaky old hinge and a cello have in common? Both rely on the same kind of friction: two surfaces that alternately stick...
Several molecules must work together for proper joint lubrication. In this illustration, the lubricin molecules anchor the long hyaluronan chains to the cartilage collagen network; these hyaluronan chains in turn attach the phospholipid molecules in either single layers (green) or double layers (blue)

Lab experiments reveal that lubricating our knees and hips is a “joint” effort

Water molecules (H20) bind tightly to charges on brushes, acting as molecular ball bearings

Synthetic brushes that mimic the body's natural lubrication may lead to a range of applications

Just Rolling Along
A lubricant based on nano "ball bearings" could cut friction in half
New Material Shows Superior Lubricating Properties
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 19, 1997-- A material discovered at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown...