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Made at the Institute

Profs. Karen Avraham and Yoram Groner.

Prof. Karen Avraham researches the genetic causes of deafness

Dr. Moshe Frommer

Dr. Moshe Frommer developed a reusable water filter-in-a-straw for those without acess to clean drinking water

Prof. Tallie Baram

For Prof. Tallie Baram, "because it works," was not a good enough explanation for the use of an epilepsy drug

Dr. David and Sandy Haas

Dr. David Hass's postdoctoral research in 1967 led to a technique still used today

Dr. Elazar Tzadok

Dr. Elazar Tzadok, Director of the Identification and Forensic Science Division of the Israel Police, learned his "CSI" skills at the Institute...

Four graduates of the Weizmann Institute's feinberg graduate School, who today form the senior staff of Pharmos. Left to rigth: Dr. Michael Schickler, Prof. Haim Aviv, Dr. Cynthia Webb, and Dr. Vered Lavie

Prof. Haim Aviv is starting his sixth bio-tech company

 Rudi Bertocchi

Ph.D. student Rudi Bertocchi soars above the desert in a plane he built himself

Prof. Yosef Shaul
Prof. Yosef Shaul wanted to be a scientist since his childhood in Iran
Prof. Haim Garty
Prof. Haim Garty's relationship with the Institute began at age 2, when his family immigrated from Bulgaria to Rehovot...
Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman recalls the days when a child could pry apart a radio to see how it works