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Made at the Institute

black soldier fly

WISe, the entrepreneurship club for Weizmann Institute of Science students, helped three alumni found a new company that could advance the edible...

self-driving dashboard

How will we know if we can trust machine-written software? A Weizmann alumnus is showing how to test such systems reliably

William Levine (center), a prominent American diamond merchant, inspecting gemprints during his visit to the Weizmann Institute in 1974, with Prof. Shmuel Shtrikman (left) and Dr. Charles Bar-Isaac (right)

Dr. Charles Bar-Isaac turned his fascination with diamonds’ brilliance into a method of identifying individual stones

Dr. Danny Kandel

Dr. Danny Kandel, Senior Director of Advanced Development for KLA-Tencor, Israel, develops ultra-precise measurement systems

Prof. Yael Hanein

The methods she learned in her physics research at the Weizmann Institute help Prof. Yael Hanein create unique medical nanodevices

Dr. Jasmin Fisher

Dr. Jasmin Fisher’s computer models reveal how cells make decisions

Dr. Yechun Xu, You-Yang and Dr. Minjun Li. Made at the Institute

A pair of Chinese students found a second home at the Weizmann Institute.

(l-r) Dr. Henry Yaffe and Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph in the late 1980s. Laser lab

Dr. Henry Yaffe designs and manufactures devices for testing fiber-optic equipment.

Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag

At 43, Dr. Anat Cohen-Dayag is president and CEO of Compugen Ltd.

Dr. Gidi Shani

Dr. Gidi Shani investigates life and death