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Meir Wilchek

Antibodies Know Right From Left
Knowing right from left is essential in many areas of life - even on the molecular level. Prof....
Therapeutic Effects of Garlic Clarified by Weizmann Institute Research
REHOVOT, Israel - October 14, 1997 - Garlic is believed to work wonders, from fighting disease to keeping away vampires. Now two...
 The Smell of Success

The smelly compound in garlic fights infection. Institute scientists have not only shown how it works, they've synthesized it...

Professor Meir Wilchek
REHOVOT, Israel. The Weizmann Institute's Professor Meir Wilchek has been named the 1996 winner of the prestigious...
Multifaceted Attack on Ovarian and Breast Cancer

Weizmann researchers take on some of the biggest killers of women