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Dr. Yaniv Ziv

Dr. Yaniv Ziv want to know how our brain keeps memories of individual events in order

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Why do some troubling memories continue to haunt while others can be repressed?

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Much of memory research involves repetitive, rote learning. So why do the things we learn through sudden insight tend to...
Prof. Yadin Dudai

Prof. Yadin Dudai: "Our research could contribute to a better understanding of human behavior. It might aid in the...

Weizmann Institute Scientists Reveal a New Principle that Guides Memory Dynamics

The Finding May Lead To The Development Of New Treatments For Psychological Trauma

Windows on your Mind: Weizmann Institute Scientists Reveal That Imagination Can Enhance Visual Perception
REHOVOT, Israel - December 9, 1997 - Conjuring up images in the "mind's eye" enhances our ability to see...