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Michal Schwartz

Scientists Block Loss Of Eyesight In Animals With A Glaucoma-Like Disease
Weizmann Institute scientists have succeeded in stopping the progressive loss of eyesight in animals with a glaucoma-like disease....
Weizmann Institute Scientists Devise an Approach For 'Recruiting' an Immune System Response to Partial Spinal Cord Injuries
Several years ago, a team of Weizmann researchers found that immune cells known as macrophages may be 'recruited' to...
The Healing Connection

A innovative treatment uses an animal's own self-repair mechanism to partially reverse paralysis

Innovative Treatment Enables Paralyzed Rats to Regain Partial Use of Their Hind Legs
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 30, 1998 -- Weizmann Institute scientists have managed to partially heal the damaged spinal cords...
New Concept Explains Why Mammals Can't Repair Central Nervous System Damage
REHOVOT, Israel -- September 17, 1996 -- Why is it that humans and other mammals are left permanently paralyzed...
Closer Links with Industry

Yeda makes a significant contribution to the Institute research budget