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Michal Schwartz

Prof. Michal Schwartz

Prof. Michal Schwartz was appointed the Chancellor’s Award Lecturer in Neurosciences at Louisiana State University Neuroscience Center.

Prof. Michal Schwartz

Prof. Michal Schwartz received the Distinguished Investigator Award from NARSAD, the Mental Health Research Association.

(l-r) Oleg Butovsky, Noga Ron, Prof. Michal Schwartz and Yaniv Ziv. Mental immunity

Immune cells may have some surprising functions helping us learn and remember

Weizmann Institute Scientists Suggest that Immune Cells Help to Maintain Cognition and Brain Cell Renewal
New findings that may have implications in delaying and slowing down cognitive deterioration...
Dr. Jonathan Kipnis and Prof. Michal Schwartz. The immune connection

A new study shows that a healthy immune system is key to a healthy brain

Christopher Reeve Meets with Elad Wassa, who survived the May 19, 2002 terrorist attack in Netanya. Mr. Reeve is in Israel for a four-day visit.
"The curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science bring hope for a...
Optic nerve fiber (orange) on background of neural network.

One in every hundred adults in the Western world suffers from chronic glaucoma, a disease that causes blindness. Prof. Michal Schwartz,...

Vaccination Following Spinal Cord Injury: Innovative Approach Limits Paralysis
Weizmann Institute scientists propose an innovative approach for preventing complete paralysis after partial spinal cord...
Prof. Michal Schwartz

Institute scientists halt progressive eyesight loss in animals afflicted with a glaucoma-like disease

Illustration: Spinal cord injury and repair

Rats with spinal injuries show improvement after immune cell treatment