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Neural code

Bat Brains Forgo Rhythm when Encoding Space

The finding reveals a new mechanism for orchestrating neuronal activity

To understand the relationships between the “words” encoded in the retinal responses to film clips, the researchers analyzed and plotted them on a 3-D graph on which they attempted to preserve the relations between the words. Each balloon covers all the words that belong to the same sematic cluster. The fact that the balloons are so distinct shows the underlying “synonym” organization of neuron communication

The brain’s communications networks may use synonyms to avoid misunderstandings

Writ Large – and Small

How does the brain encode movements that occur on many scales?

Two-, three- and four-way retinal neuron interactions on viewing a natural scene
A new approach to researching groups of neurons may one day help us understand the “language” of the brain
Dr. Elad Schneidman.
Neurons seem to practice group behavior, according to new research
Triple Code
Three different types of code come into play when rats sense with their whiskers
Tune Into This: Weizmann Institute Study Provides Evidence For a Radio-Like Mechanism in the Brain
REHOVOT, Israel - October 14, 1997- Research conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science may give a whole new meaning to the...