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Oded Goldreich

Prof. Oded Goldreich

Prof. Oded Goldreich has been selected to receive the Israel Prize in Mathematics and Computer Science

Prof. Oded Goldreich

Prof. Oded Goldreich has been awarded the Donald E. Knuth Prize for fundamental and lasting contributions to theoretical computer science in...

Diagram of a hyperbolic surface with infinite genus, from the research of Prof. Omri Sarig
Randomness has always been seen as an impartial, unpredictable method of decision making. But is there such a thing as true...
Prof. Oded Goldreich
Prof. Oded Goldreich received an RSA Conference Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics....
(l-r) Prof. Oded Goldreich and Prof. Dana Ron. Super efficiency

Its hard to be perfect. It's much easier to be almost perfect

Prof. Oded Goldreich
How can one persuade a color-blind person that two cards are of a different color
Protecting Computer Systems and Communication Networks

Institute experts are expanding basic and applied research in cryptography