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Online teachers' room

The online teachers' room provides fertile ground for meetings, tutorials, collaborations and consultations on physics instruction

woman looking at the stars

A recent international conference suggests things are moving in the right direction

If, for example, the springy part forms a shelf in a rectangular container and the particle can “choose” to go either under or over the shelf, the transfer of energy becomes very efficient

New insight into the mathematics of fast- and slow-moving bodies

Dr. Zohar Komargodski

Dr. Zohar Komargodski was awarded the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Physics

Making the video: (l-r) Johnny Goldstein and Ivri Lider at the top of the Institute's Koffler Accelerator

Weizmann Institute’s physics alumni reunion gives rise to a new video clip, in an unusual collaboration between Institute physicists and the pop...

Inauguration of the Weizmann Institute of Science, November 2, 1949

It was with great sorrow that Dr. Benjamin Marcus Bloch gave up on physics to take on the management of the Daniel Sieff Research Institute at the...

100 Milestones in Physics at the Weizmann Institute

100 Milestones in Physics at the Weizmann Institute of Science.
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Void | Lee Yanor. Still from video, 2011
Ultrafast laser pulses are helping to reveal the movements of excited electrons in tiny crystals
Dr. Oded Heber

Dr. Oded Heber received the Maxine Singer Prize for Outstanding Research Associate (2011).

Prof. Emeritus Ephraim Frei
Prof. Emeritus Ephraim Frei, a founder of electronics research at the Weizmann Institute in the 1950s, spent several decades...