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Several molecules must work together for proper joint lubrication. In this illustration, the lubricin molecules anchor the long hyaluronan chains to the cartilage collagen network; these hyaluronan chains in turn attach the phospholipid molecules in either single layers (green) or double layers (blue)

Lab experiments reveal that lubricating our knees and hips is a “joint” effort

Katzir in his lab, 1972

Prof. Aharon Katzir’s message is still relevant 40 years after his death in a terrorist attack

Dr. Moshe Frommer

Dr. Moshe Frommer developed a reusable water filter-in-a-straw for those without acess to clean drinking water

Dr. Moshe Levy. Then

Fifty years ago, a disovery enabled scientists to control the length of polymer strands

Gaining Momentum

How do polymers added to the water in firehoses enable it to reach the top floors?

Prof. Jacob Klein
Prof. Jacob Klein hadn't intended to study science when he was accepted to Cambridge University
Solutions Based on Polymer Technology to be Discussed at International Conference
REHOVOT, Israel -- May 7, 1996 -- New ways to combat pollution in Mediterranean countries with the aid of polymers will be...