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Quantum computer


A Weizmann Institute study of photons in quantum computing made a surprising discovery: When photons collide, they create vortices

Optical elements required to create laser pulses that can control trapped ions. Photo: Freddy Pizanti

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers present Israel’s first quantum compute

illustration: atom-photon exchange

A quantum gate between atoms and photons may help in scaling up quantum computers

Banerjee, Umansky, Oreg, Stern and Heiblum

Could exotic electron states be used in quantum computing?

Photons Stopped in Time

A new method of trapping single photons could bring quantum memory one step closer

An illustration showing the magnetic field lines of two electrons, arranged so that their spins point in opposite directions

Weizmann physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons


llustration of the photonic router the Weizmann Institute scientists created. At the center is the single atom (orange) that routes photons (yellow) in different directions

Weizmann Institute scientists take another step down the long road toward quantum computers

Profs. Lucio Frydman and Gershon Kurizki and D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao. Minimal force

A unique collaboration demonstrates how to heat tiny particles just by measuring them

(l-r) Dr. Roee Ozeri, Profs. Adi Stern, Yaron Silberberg and Nir Davidson

Computers based on quantum mechanics might complete, reasonably quickly, calculations that would take today’s computers a...