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Quark-gluon plasma

First Matter

A recreation of the first matter in the Universe suggests it may have behaved like a liquid

First Matter

A new particle detector built at the Weizmann Institute of Science will help probe the primordial universe

(l-r) Graduate student Alexandre Kozlov, Prof. Zeev Fraenkel, Prof. Itzhak Tserruya, Dr. Ilia Ravinovich, and graduate student Alexander Cherlin. An international experiment
What did the Universe look like in its first millionth of a second? Scientists may have an answer
Multi-National Team of Physicists, Including Weizmann Institute Scientists:
"Promising indications that we may have succeeded in reproducing matter as it first appeared in the universe right...
Weizmann's Particle Detectors Used In International Collider Project

Weizmann Institute Particle Detectors Used To Explore Primordial Matter In International Collider Project


Re-creating the Big Bang
Racing beams of gold ions are colliding. Physcists are hoping the impact will recreate the Big Bang
Getting a Bang Out of the Experiment
Steven Spielberg, move over. An international team of physicists is recreating a world that existed...