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Reshef Tenne

Profs. Sabrina Sartori and Reshef Tenne

Visiting professor Sabrina Sartori is working to create new materials for green energy storage

Prof. Reshef Tenne

Prof. Reshef Tenne was a recipient of a Plenary Speaker Award of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2011)

Prof. Reshef Tenne

Prof. Reshef Tenne was elected as a member of the Academia Europaea (2011)

Prof. Reshef Tenne

Prof. Reshef Tenne was elected a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

An intermediate molybdenum disulfide nanoparticle has an octahedral center and a spherical outer shape

When does an eight-sided nanoparticle become a sphere, and how does this affect its potential use? 

Prof. Reshef Tenne

Prof. Reshef Tenne was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK (2011)

illustration: Sunshine

Research at the Institute is increasing the efficiency of photovoltaics

(l-r) Ronen Kreizman, Dr. Maya Bar Sadan, Profs. Daniel Wagner, Reshef Tenne and Ernesto Joselevich and Dr. Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri. Defect-free nanotubes
A number of Institute scientists are revealing the unique properties of nanotubes