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Roee Ozeri

Optical elements required to create laser pulses that can control trapped ions. Photo: Freddy Pizanti

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers present Israel’s first quantum compute

Ozeri, Reich, Chen, Sagi and Harmelin

Institute President, Prof. Alon Chen: “Our alumni provide the foundations of Israel’s booming economy.”

two vacuum chambers and the ultracold results

Heating up: One ion and thousands of atoms, all at a millionth of a degree above absolute zero 


"After twenty years in a taxi, the meter is wired to my soul.”    


An illustration showing the magnetic field lines of two electrons, arranged so that their spins point in opposite directions

Weizmann physicists measured magnetic interactions between single electrons


All spin directions (represented by the spheres) collapse on one or the opposite direction depending on the measured photon polarization

Weizmann Institute researchers suggest one can affect an atom’s spin by...

Making the video: (l-r) Johnny Goldstein and Ivri Lider at the top of the Institute's Koffler Accelerator

Weizmann Institute’s physics alumni reunion gives rise to a new video clip, in an unusual collaboration between Institute physicists and the pop...

Ion trap in the lab of Dr. Roee Ozeri

Institute scientists built an amplifier comprised of a single ion that breaks all records for measuring magnetic vibrations

Ion trap in the lab of Dr. Roee Ozeri

Weizmann Institute scientists set a new record for measuring magnetic vibrations using the spin of a single atom: 100 times more accurate than the...

(l-r) Dr. Roee Ozeri, Profs. Adi Stern, Yaron Silberberg and Nir Davidson

Computers based on quantum mechanics might complete, reasonably quickly, calculations that would take today’s computers a...