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Yatir forest

Photo: Jonathan D. Muller

A new Weizmann Institute study shows that building solar farms in arid regions is a far more effective way to tackle the climate crisis than...

Dan Yakir

His research has led to new a understanding of the ways that semiarid forests affect the climate

Yatir station

A new method of measuring how forests moderate the climate gets tested under extreme conditions

(l-r) Drs. Eyal Rotenberg and David Asaf, Prof. Dan Yakir and Yakir Preisler. Lab on wheels

With the new Biosphere-Atmosphere Research Mobile Lab, researchers now can bring the lab to the forest. 

(l-r) Dr. Eyal Rotenberg and Prof. Dan Yakir. Staying cool

Understanding the factors that heat, as well as cool forests may help estimate future climate change

Prof. Dan Yakir
Weizmann Institute study suggests that rising carbon dioxide levels might cause forests to spread into dry...