Art Exhibits at the Institute

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In addition to the sculptures and other permanent works of art that grace the Weizmann Institute campus, two art exhibits have recently been displayed on the walls of the Stone Administration Building:

Nerve cells, photo by Dr. Sharon Amit

• Wrinkles in Time: Dr. Sharon Amit is an internist at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv who also conducted research in the lab of Dr. Avraham Yaron of the Weizmann Institute’s Biological Chemistry Department. In this exhibit, two kinds of images were hung side by side: close-up photos of wrinkles in the skin of Amit’s 93-year-old grandmother and scientific images of nerve cells. Amit’s research involved the connections between sensory nerve cells and organs – connections that degrade as we age. “We observe certain processes in the whole organism, or we photograph a loved one, like my grandmother, and compare and contrast these with nerve cells in the lab,” she says. After being shown at the Weizmann Institute, the exhibit moved to the Sourasky Medical Center.
Grandmother's hand, photo by Dr. Sharon Amit

• Airborne: photography by Haim Ziv and paintings by Jacqueline Kozinsky. Stepping out of the elevator at the first floor, one can’t miss the oversized images of a kestrel soaring in a blue sky or a pair of bee-eaters sharing a meal on a branch. Ziv, a member of the Institute’s Photography Department, is an avid bird photographer, and his up-close portraits and images of birds in flight show passion and skill. On the opposite wall, Kozinsky’s bird paintings portray crested cranes twisting their necks in mating dances, flocks of flamingoes mingling placidly and eagles flashing their sharp beaks as if posing for a portrait.
photo by Haim Ziv
Photo by Haim Ziv