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Krizhanovsky and group

A new method of counting cells could lead to future strategies for combating chronic inflammation

Dr. Valery Krizhanovsky. Eliminating senescent cells from the lung

Blocking two proteins might rid the body of aging cells and promote tissue renewal

Immunofluorescence microscope image of the choroid plexus. Epithelial cells are in green and chemokine proteins (CXCL10) are in red

Weizmann Institute researchers suggest that the brain's “immunological age” is what counts...

(l-r) Dr. Zohar Mukamel, Zohar Shipony and Prof. Amos Tanay

As the body’s cell divide and age, mistakes can pile up in the genome's "tags"

Senescent liver cells in culture

Dr. Valery Krizhanovsky wants to know what happens to our cells when they age

Nerve cells, photo by Dr. Sharon Amit

Birds in flight, a grandmother’s wrinkles and nerve cells under the microscope.