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Adi Kimchi

Adi Kimchi

Kimchi is recognized a pioneer in the study of cell death

Prof. Adi Kimchi

Prof. Adi Kimchi has been awarded the Israel Prize in Life Sciences

Mapping cell death: The protein-protein interactions discovered and mapped out in Prof. Adi Kimchi’s lab (red lines are newly-revealed interactions) divulge the wealth of interconnections between two major cell death pathways

A unique method of mapping protein interactions reveals how two cellular pathways are interconnected

Prof. Adi Kimchi

Prof. Adi Kimchi is the recipient of an ECDO Career Award  for important contributions to the cell death field

Prof. Adi Kimchi

Prof. Adi Kimchi received the EMET Prize in Life Sciences awarded by the A.M.N. Foundation.

Cells growing under normal (l) and starvation (c and r) conditions. The green spots indicate an autophagy protein that is normally diffused in the cytoplasm, but is recruited to form autophagosomes in response to stress

A cell’s decision to commit suicide involves an exchange of information between two suicide mechanisms

Prof. Adi Kimchi

Prof. Adi Kimchi: "My aim is to reveal the complete self-destruct network. This understanding will help us to fix...

Dr. Gidi Shani

Dr. Gidi Shani investigates life and death

Weizmann Institute Program to Advance Women in Science

Eleven Young Israeli Women Scientists Receive an Award to Help Them Build a Scientific Career

Profs. Daniel Zajfman, Elizabeth Blackburn, Adi Kimchi and Dr. Maya Bar Sadan. Women in science