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Art and science

Communicating Vessels (2021), Lihi Turjeman

This year the Weizmann Institute will host Lihi Turjeman, Chen Flamenbaum, Carmi Dror and Lee Yanor to promote collaboration, mutual...

piano notes

Computerized analysis of playing styles could assist music therapists

Dance your PhD

A Weizmann Institute of Science researcher is one of four winners of the international “Dance your PhD” contest

Observable Observatory 1 2

Dorit Feldman and Tamar Sheaffer


Visualization of art dynamics

Dr. Billie Sandak uses a computer language developed at the Weizmann Institute to standardize the therapy process

(l-r) Dr. Omer Markovitch and Eran Hadas

A scientist and an artist create art that imitates the very beginnings of life

Invisible Coral Flows, the winning photography entry

An image tracing the unseen flow generated by small hairs on corals wins for beauty as well as science

 Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman

The Institute's Dr. Rachel Mamlok-Naaman is among nine women featured in a unique exhibit in France

Spencer Finch, Studio window (INFRARED, JANUARY, 25 2012, MORNING EFFECT) 2012 oil, pastel on paper, 4 drawings

An exhibition of 34 international artists at the Weizmann Institute of...