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Bats use social maps

A new study on bats reveals the cells that link our social connections to our internal spatial maps 

bats orient themselves to a destination

Researchers identify the cells that orient bats – and possibly humans – toward a destination


A study on bats' flight pinpoints the neurons that tell us which way we are headed

(l-r) Drs. Michael Yartsev and Nachum Ulanovsky

Recent graduate Dr. Michael Yartsev is winning awards for his research at the Weizmann...

        Image: Dr. Yossi Yovel in the lab of Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky, Weizmann Institute of  Science

The Weizmann Institute findings, obtained using miniature wireless devices, provide the first detailed information on the brain mechanisms of...

Autocorrelation showing the hexagonal grid structures of grid cells

Why does a group of brain cells fire in perfect hexagonal patterns?

An Egyption fruit bat is released with a tiny GPS device on its back

Israeli scientists fitted fruit bats with the smallest GPS devices in the world to track their flight

Aiming to the Side

Weizmann Institute research reveals that flying bats apply the laws of sonar physics to locate objects in the dark

Dr. Nachum Ulanovsky. Neurons in flight
In his bat lab, Dr Nachum Ulanovsky is revealing secrets of learning and memory