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Bone formation


A new method for tracking thousands of cells in three dimensions may help reveal how bone growth is disrupted in dwarfism and other skeletal...

bone loss_galectin

A protein ties osteoporosis to high blood sugar and the spread of cancer to the bone

Natural healing process of fractured bones. (A) Healing begins with a collection of blood and inflammation at the fracture site. (B) Soft callus (purple) is formed, which develops into the bidirectional growth plate at the concave side of the fracture site. (C) The growth plate drives bone growth in opposite directions. The result is a jack-like mechanical effect that moves the fragments toward straightening (red arrows). (D) New bone tissue is formed (orange). (E) The shape of the bone is fine-tuned by rem

Movement might actually help heal fractures in young bones

(l-r) Dr. Eugenia Klein, Chen Luxenburg, Prof. Benjamin Geiger, Dafna Geblinger and Prof. Lia Addadi. All join hands

Dot-like podosomes play a unique role in bone renewal

Ring Around the Cell

Weizmann Institute scientists reveal how bone-dissolving cells seal off their work area

Bones Hold the Key to Blood Renewal
Though we think of them as solid and permanent, our bones are actually constantly being rebuilt throughout our lives. A team of...
 well-preserved ancient DNA in fossil bones

DNA preserved in fossil bones could reveal new insight into ancient worlds

Science Without Frontiers: Down to the Bare Bone

Experts on biological and composite materials work together to develop a model of bone structure