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Dan Oron

Power Merger

Nanocrystals that absorb low-energy photons and emit higher-energy ones could increase solar cell efficiency

Void | Lee Yanor. Still from video, 2011
Ultrafast laser pulses are helping to reveal the movements of excited electrons in tiny crystals
Dr. Dan Oron

Dr. Dan Oron received the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Physics from the Weizmann Institute’s Scientific Council (2011).

Two-photon autofluorescence image of a live cell incubated with gold nanoparticles, superimposed on a simple transmission image of the cell

The properties of materials on the nanometer scale could revolutionize everything from microscopy to solar collectors.

Scanning electron microscope images of guanine plates from a silver spider. Arrow on top points to sandwich-like structure with amorphous guanine filling between two guanine crystals
A normally dull white material becomes a silvery reflecting surface under the right conditions