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Dan Yakir

Dan Yakir

His research has led to new a understanding of the ways that semiarid forests affect the climate

Prof. Dan Yakir

Prof. Dan Yakir has been chosen to receive the Israel Prize in Earth Sciences

Yatir station

A new method of measuring how forests moderate the climate gets tested under extreme conditions

Illustration: Trees in Africa

Planting trees in some surprising places could increase rainfall and lower atmospheric carbon

Prof. Dan Yakir

Prof. Dan Yakir is the recipient of an Eminent Speakers Award from European Association of Geochemistry

Biosphere-Atmosphere Mobile Research Lab

A method devised by Institute scientists may help researchers get a grip on CO2 absorption by plants


(l-r) Drs. Eyal Rotenberg and David Asaf, Prof. Dan Yakir and Yakir Preisler. Lab on wheels

With the new Biosphere-Atmosphere Research Mobile Lab, researchers now can bring the lab to the forest. 

Old newsprint /Shironeko Euro. History behind the print

Old paper preserves records of air pollution from over 100 years ago.

Paper Archives Reveal Pollution’s History
A new source of climate records is as close as the nearest university library: Back issues of magazines reveal the rise in...
(l-r) Dr. Eyal Rotenberg and Prof. Dan Yakir. Staying cool

Understanding the factors that heat, as well as cool forests may help estimate future climate change