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Dan Yakir

Paper Archives Reveal Pollution’s History
A new source of climate records is as close as the nearest university library: Back issues of magazines reveal the rise in...
(l-r) Dr. Eyal Rotenberg and Prof. Dan Yakir. Staying cool

Understanding the factors that heat, as well as cool forests may help estimate future climate change

 Cooling forests can heat too

Weizmann Institute scientists show that in one kind of forest, its ‘energy budget’ includes significant reserves of...

Chair of ASTC's Leading Edge Awards Selection Committee Dr. Dennis Schatz presenting the award to Dr. Moshe Rishpon
The EcoSphere wins an award for best visitor experience
Prof. Nir Orion , Prof. Andras Szollosi-Nagy and Dr. Orit Ben-Zvi Assaraf.Through blue-tinted glasses
The Blue Planet teaching package developed at Weizmann is adopted by UNESCO
Illustration: increasing water consumption

Weizmann Institute researchers are developing scientific approaches to efficient and sophisticated water management....

illustration: heating up of the Earth (global warming)

Several research projects in the Environmental Sciences and Energy Research Department at the Weizmann Institute are aimed at...

Illusteration: Looking Back on the Institute’s environmental studies
We offer here a brief history of the Institute’s environmental studies and a look at the future generation of environmental...
Prof. Dan Yakir. On carbon dioxide's trail

Insights into the "riddle of the missing carbon dioxide"