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Daniel Wagner

Prof. Daniel Wagner

Prof. Daniel Wagner was awarded the Landau Prize of Mifal Hapais for Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering

Prof. Daniel Hanoch Wagner

Prof. Daniel Hanoch Wagner is the recipient of the Christophe Plantin Prize

Prof. Daniel Hanoch Wagner

Prof. Daniel Hanoch Wagner deliverd the Joint MIT-Harvard Nanomaterials Special Lecture

(l-r) Ronen Kreizman, Dr. Maya Bar Sadan, Profs. Daniel Wagner, Reshef Tenne and Ernesto Joselevich and Dr. Ifat Kaplan-Ashiri. Defect-free nanotubes
A number of Institute scientists are revealing the unique properties of nanotubes
Tough Enough
Adding nanotubes to composite materials should greatly enhance their properties
Prof. Daniel Wagner (at left) and Polish volunteers. Past and future
A Weizmann scientist is working to preserve a Jewish cemetery in Poland
(l-r) Dr. Alexander Vaskevich, Prof. Israel Rubinstein and Ph.D. student Tali Sehayek. Tube tales

Move over carbon. These new nanotubes are made of gold, silver and other metals

Illustration: Biologists and miniaturized humans

Having devised nanomachines capable of manipulating single atoms and molecules and begun to apply these technofeats to modify...