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David Harel

Prof. David Harel

Prof. David Harel was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the Open University.

Prof. David Harel

Prof. David Harel received the 2006 Outstanding Research Award from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Software...

Prof. David Harel, graduate student Sol Efroni and Prof. Irun Cohen. Survival of the fittest

Of every hundred "cadet" blood stem cells, only a select few complete the immune system’s rigorous training

Prof. David Harel
Prof. David Harel...
Left to right: Dr. Rami Marelly and Prof. David Harel. Making computers play

A new  visual programming language treats complex systems like games

Prof. David Harel, Prof. Irun Cohen, and Ph.D. student Na'aman Kam

A computer program designed for the aricraft industry is finding a new use in biology

Prof. David Harel

Prof. David Harel works on several areas of computer science, including logic and computability theory, visual languages, and...

State of the Chart

Prof. David Harel, the new Dean of Mathematical Sciences, earned his Ph.D. from MIT in under two years