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Eli Waxman

tidal disruption event

A high-energy neutrino that flung out from a star, ripped apart by a black hole, reveals something about the cosmic sources of these...

ULTRASAT illustration

Weizmann Institute of Science and the Israel Space Agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology are heading this international project

Prof. Eli Waxman

What is the number of the positrons in the galaxy?

Detectors for high-energy cosmic neutrinos are buried under the Antarctic ice

High energy neutrinos from the Universe’s far reaches carry clues to their mysterious sources

Dr. Hagar Landsman at the geographical South Pole

Work on specialized particle detectors takes Dr. Hagar Landsman from Antarctic ice to Italian underground caves.

A scientific first
A Supernova Explosion is Observed in Real Time Including a tell-tale flash of radiation preceding the event...
Prof. Eli Waxman.
For the first time, astrophysicists managed to observe a supernova from just 160 seconds after the event began
Time in Space

Real-time observations of a supernova explosion through NASA's Swift satellite have confirmed theoretical research...

Prof. Eli Waxman

Particle detectors twice the size of the Eiffel Tower sunk deep in the Antarctic ice may be the next frontier in space exploration

Gamma Ray Hide & Seek
Draping the earth and entire universe in a thin, ever-present veil, their origin remains one of the greatest puzzles of...