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Biosphere-Atmosphere Mobile Research Lab

A method devised by Institute scientists may help researchers get a grip on CO2 absorption by plants


Image from the Voyager II flyby of Neptune in August 1989 (NASA). In the middle is the Great Dark Spot, accompanied by bright, white clouds that undergo rapid changes in appearance. To the south of the Great Dark Spot is the bright feature that Voyager scientists nicknamed "Scooter." Still farther south is the feature called "Dark Spot 2," which has a bright core. As each feature moves eastward at a different velocity, they are rarely aligned this way. Wind velocities near the equator are westward, reaching

Weizmann Institute researchers and their colleagues set an upper limit for the thickness of...

Iron pyrite crystal (Thinkstock photos)

As sulfur moves through the environment, it helps regulate oxygen in the atmosphere

Seagoing research team (l-r) Uri Sheyn, Dr. Miguel Frada, Shlomit Sharoni, Daniella Schatz, Dr. Assaf Vardi and Dr. Yoav Lehan

Dr. Assaf Vardi and his Weizmann team joined a month-long research cruise to study the life cycle of a tiny microorganism

Iron pyrite. Photo: Thinkstock

The sulfur-based chemistry of iron pyrite may play a major role in atmospheric oxygen concentrations


Added particles in the atmosphere could be affecting rainfall patterns

(l-r) Drs. Eyal Rotenberg and David Asaf, Prof. Dan Yakir and Yakir Preisler. Lab on wheels

With the new Biosphere-Atmosphere Research Mobile Lab, researchers now can bring the lab to the forest. 

Old newsprint /Shironeko Euro. History behind the print

Old paper preserves records of air pollution from over 100 years ago.

Dr. Ilan Koren. In the clouds. Cloud photo: Tamar Deutsch

What do a herd of gazelles and a fluffy mass of clouds have in common?

Scanning electron microscope images of representative samples of (left) clean diatomite and (right) diatomite composite with zero valent iron (small white dots) and vitamin B12 (not visible)

A new kind of water treatment could break toxic chemicals in the water supply down into...