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Environmental Sciences and Energy Research

clouds. Photo: Tamar Deutsch

A new model for the dynamics of clouds and rain shows they behave like prey and predator

Ms. Keren Stimler

Ms. Keren Stimler (in the group of Prof....

Paper Archives Reveal Pollution’s History
A new source of climate records is as close as the nearest university library: Back issues of magazines reveal the rise in...
Prof. Brian Berkowitz

Prof. Brian Berkowitz was appointed Head of the Dr. Scholl Center for Water and Climate Research in his capacity as Head of the Environmental...

Satellite image of a marine stratocumulus system, courtesy of NASA
Some marine cloud systems reveal a puzzling pattern: a nearly perfect grid of cloud cells with hexagonal shapes
 Cooling forests can heat too

Weizmann Institute scientists show that in one kind of forest, its ‘energy budget’ includes significant reserves of...

(l-r) Drs. Hezi Gildor and Riyad Manasrah. Sailing toward a common goal
Cooperation between Israeli and Jordanian scientists is bridging more than one gulf
Prof. Nir Orion , Prof. Andras Szollosi-Nagy and Dr. Orit Ben-Zvi Assaraf.Through blue-tinted glasses
The Blue Planet teaching package developed at Weizmann is adopted by UNESCO
Dr. Ilan Koren. Crucial African export
African dust makes the rain forest grow