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Eran Ofek

NASA/Johns Hopkins APL

Weizmann Institute scientists observe NASA asteroid shooter in action

tidal disruption event

A high-energy neutrino that flung out from a star, ripped apart by a black hole, reveals something about the cosmic sources of these...

artist's illustration: merging neutron stars

Weizmann Institute scientists help confirm and analyze the star merger

Circum-stellar shell

Pre-supernova stars may show signs of instability for months before the big explosion

Chandra Crab Nebula. Image: NASA

Researchers discover a star’s “mini-explosion” taking place just a month...

(l-r) Drs. Avishay Gal-Yam and Eran Ofek in the Martin Kraar Observatory on the Weizmann campus

A day after landing in Israel, Dr. Eran Ofek was already at work uncovering the secrets of a new supernova

A Supernova with a View

The closest supernova in 25 years yields new insights into its formation