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Feinberg Graduate School

Pride awareness event at the Weizmann Institute of Science; Summer of 2018

Promoting equality and gender-forward thinking at the Weizmann Institute of Science

Tiruwork Mulat, Weizmann Graduate School student

Life led Tiruwork Mulat – a math teacher from Addis Ababa – to Israel. Concerned about the integration of Ethiopian immigrants into the...

Probable Cause

Some mathematics research can, at first glance, look a lot like child's play.

Maya Bar Sadan

What is the smallest stable, inorganic fullerene-type molecule one can make? How will its structure affect such properties as electrical...

Nathan Zauberman: student in the Organic Chemistry Department

How does a virus penetrate a living cell wall? And in what ways does this intruder disrupt life inside the cell? These questions are central to...

research student Yael Wexler Cohen

It takes more than a little nerve these days to take on HIV research, when so many of the world's scientists have been at it for years. But...