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Feinberg Graduate School

Eran Sela, a research student

What happens to electrons when we shrink their world?
 It's also the question asked by Eran Sela, a research student...

Tamar and Merav Arieli

After the army, the two decided to study physics and cognitive science."And when we received our degrees, we decided to...

research student Sagi Levy

Sagi Levy is a research student in the lab of Prof. Naama Barkai in the Molecular Genetics Department of the Weizmann Institute. He studies the...

Suha Naffar-Abu Amara, a research student

Suha Naffar-Abu Amara, a research student in the lab group of Prof. Benjamin Geiger of the Weizmann Institute's Molecular Cell...

Chunxiu Yu, a student

Sensory organs – fingers, eyes, whiskers – move continuously to sample the surroundings. How does the brain keep track of these movements,...

Degrees of Similarity
What makes two pictures, or two people, look alike to us? Why does one voice remind us of another? How can we tell if two genes, or...