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Profs. Sabrina Sartori and Reshef Tenne

Visiting professor Sabrina Sartori is working to create new materials for green energy storage

An intermediate molybdenum disulfide nanoparticle has an octahedral center and a spherical outer shape

When does an eight-sided nanoparticle become a sphere, and how does this affect its potential use? 

illustration:"Buckyball" discovery
They sound like characters in a miniature fantasyland: fullerene, nanotube and quantum dot. But these and other nanosized...
New Class of Molecular Magnets May Advance Microelectronics
REHOVOT, Israel -- September 24, 1998 -- Weizmann Institute scientists have created a new class of magnetic materials made of...
New Material Shows Superior Lubricating Properties
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 19, 1997-- A material discovered at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown...