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Gary Hodes

micro crystals

These materials can bring us one step closer to a sustainable future

Perovskite with and without etching

Understanding the properties of these materials will help advance new photoelectric technologies 

(l-r) Profs. Gary Hodes, Henry Snaith and David Cahen

Materials that capture the higher end of the spectrum will be the next wave of photovoltaics

illustration: Sunshine

Research at the Institute is increasing the efficiency of photovoltaics

What We Are Doing About: Alternative Energy
Creating environmentally friendly fuel from trash might be the ultimate recycling feat
illustration: enjoying the sunlight
In contrast to fossil fuels, the sun provides a clean, cost-free, and virtually inexhaustible source of energy.
illustration:"Buckyball" discovery
They sound like characters in a miniature fantasyland: fullerene, nanotube and quantum dot. But these and other nanosized...
Size Counts...

Insitute scientists are getting the tiniest structures under control

A Mismatch Made in Heaven
A perfect match may be a blessing in love or marriage, but in materials science a slight mismatch may sometimes help achieve the...