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Haim Harari

Taking the Dis Out of Disability

Members of the research services unit are turning their talents to helping the disabled

An Historic Landmark
A historic building gets a...
Expanding Horizons

A program that reaches out to some 45,000 youngsters blossomed from an act of kindess 25 years ago

Prof. Haim Harari
REHOVOT, Israel -- March 6, 1997 -- Mme Edith Cresson, former Prime Minister of France and currently a member of the European...
Weizmann Institute's Liaison Office to the European Union Opens

Some 350 diplomats, scientists, media representatives and EU officials were on hand at the opening near Brussels

Interview with Vivien Clore Duffield

Vivian Clore Duffield's involvement with the Weizmann Institue began with her father, Sir Charles Clore

Feinberg Graduate School's annual graduation ceremony held on the Weizmann Institute
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 4, 1996 -- A record number of doctoral degrees was conferred at the Feinberg Graduate School's annual...
Haim Harari Predicted Existence of Top Quark In 1975

The recent proof of its existence has sent waves of excitement through the physics community

An Interview With Prof. Haim Harari

Harari reflects on the last five years and looks forward to a second term as Institute president

Closer Links with Industry

Yeda makes a significant contribution to the Institute research budget