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Human Genome Project

Prof. Jacqui Beckmann, gene hunter

Big clues to common diseases are sought in a small genetic pond

Israeli Scientists Discover Gene Responsible For Hereditary Muscle Disease Prevalent Among Jews Of Persian Descent
Researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and from Hadassah University Hospital have identified the gene that in its...
Prof. Yoram Groner in his lab, as seen by cartoonist Michel Kishka

Weizmann Institute contributions to the Human Genome Project are helping unravel the cause of Down syndorme...

Greater Role for Weizmann Institute in Human Genome Project

Thanks to new resources and facilities, the Weizmann Institute is poised to become a full partner in the Human Genome Project...

Joining the Race to Decipher the Human Genome

An automated DNA analysis lab will enable Institute scientists to join the Human Genome Project