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Israel Space Agency

Illustration showing the unmanned spacecraft JUICE in the vicinity of Jupiter (center). On the right: the moons Callisto and Europa; on the left: Ganymede and Io (yellow), Jupiter’s volcanically active moon that is not included in the mission’s core program (Courtesy of the ESA)

The Ultra Stable Oscillator, designed for an experiment led by Weizmann Institute scientists, is at the forefront of ESA’s JUICE mission to...


A Weizmann Institute of Science and Israel Space Agency flagship, the instrument will enter orbit in 2025; it’s expected to revolutionize...

Neptune and Triton

An incredibly accurate clock planned by the Weizmann Institute of Science, the Israeli Space Agency and an Israeli company could be on its way to...

Roy Naor

Israel’s official representative prepares to conduct geological research in a simulated Mars station