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Jacob Klein

Water molecules (H20) bind tightly to charges on brushes, acting as molecular ball bearings

Synthetic brushes that mimic the body's natural lubrication may lead to a range of applications

Illustration: Biologists and miniaturized humans

Having devised nanomachines capable of manipulating single atoms and molecules and begun to apply these technofeats to modify...

Prof. Jacob Klein
Prof. Jacob Klein hadn't intended to study science when he was accepted to Cambridge University
On the Surface of Things
From pens to pans, from hard disks to compact discs, an increasing number of products are made of polymers, giant complex...
A Tight Squeeze
One of the first things we learn about nature is that water turns into a solid when it is frozen. For this change of state to...
New Uses for Veteran Accelerators

Scientists use the Institute's three accelerators to investigate everything from calcium in the body to radiation in outer...